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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Success Seminar Successful!

Thanks to everyone who attended the internet business success seminar. The large turn out was an inspiration in itself.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

What Products actually sell on Clickbank?

What products actually sell on Clickbank? Forum Link for this thread: Internet-Bull-Shit-Elimination-Coalition An Internet Community solving the Bull-Shit. Please select a topic and post your comments: My promotional efforts sent targeted traffic to • But! No sales ("conversions", I guess they prefer to say). • Most of the products seemed to be less than credible to me (aka: just bull-shit). • Some seem credible at first, but then the sales pitch-man(woman) forgets to shut-up and ask for the order. • They have to keep talking until they convince the listener that what they are selling is not legitimate. • Saying utterly ridiculous things in a poor attempt to create urgency. • The income illustrations (aka: not promises) are so over the top that it becomes clear that the product is just bull-shit. • Like "I'm a blah-gillionaire but I need your $37.99 to help pay for my servers." • It nearly always seems that the scripts are stolen from one of the other products. • Insult my intelligence all too often by telling me some bull-shit reason for sharing their “this is not a get rich quick scheme”, but rather it is a “get me rich quick scheme” CAN ANYONE SELL ANYTHING ON CLICKBANK??? TAGS: Clickbank Affiliate Products. Here was my basic operating procedure for Clickbank, which turned out to be a “POOR BUSINESS MODEL”, SO FAR! NO SALES! 1. I would find and view a product presentation, then generate traffic that ought to be interested in the product. 2. So closing the sale is the product presentations responsibility. 3. No real investment, no inventory, no brick and mortar for me, etc. etc. I liked the concept. Easy in, easy out, and a 1099 at the end of the year. THAT METHOD ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING FOR ME! But here is my take on the stuff I tried to promote which is offered at Clickbank. I'm not buying it personally. Rather I envisioned myself as the “I’ll lead the horse to your water fellow, you make him drink”. Frankly everything I considered at Clickbank looked like a re-bake of some other poorly formed notion of how to get free money from suckers. Sorry Clickbank, sometimes I just have to call things like I see them. So what is the right way to do, affiliate marketing? And what products have actually converted for you? I would be delighted to receive some sound advise! Thanks, in advance My email: Tags: internet marketing affiliate programs Clickbank, Plimus,, how to legitimately make money with affiliate marketing, work from home business, laptop income system